Transform candidates into
valuable team members

Stay focused on your goals

Seamlessly schedule calls and interviews with integrated Google Calendar and Outlook functionality. Empower applicants to schedule interviews independently, ensuring a smoother process for all.

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Discover exceptional talent with Odoo Recruitment

Odoo streamlined process empowers you to efficiently find the perfect additions to your team, ensuring a swift and seamless hiring experience.

Stay organized with applicant management

Simply click on a job position to access all applicants, neatly organized by phase. Effortlessly rearrange applicant cards by dragging and dropping, or set up automatic movements within the pipeline based on completed activities.

Intuitive reporting tailored to your needs

Insightful reporting provides valuable data on recruiting strategies, enabling you to optimize your recruitment process effectively.

Transform complexity into simplicity

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As an official partner, we provide exclusive access to a range of materials and documentation related to Odoo. Additionally, collaborating with us as a partner grants you the opportunity to explore and extend your trials for Odoo SaaS.