Benefit from byproducts with a Manufacturing App

Record production and its various components

You may process orders faster, streamline processes,
and minimize entry errors in this method. It operates instantly,
quickly, and without lag.

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Making plans to stay ahead of schedule

Use finite capacity to plan your resources and schedule manufacturing orders.
You may make all the necessary adjustments with the Gantt chart.

Real-time operation simulation

Utilizing the real-time planning tool, cost management, and component availability, simulate manufacturing orders.

Get suggestions for just-in-time replenishment and select the method of supplying parts—making or purchasing, contracting out, shipping from a different warehouse, etc.

Go paperless as a business

Using the tablet-optimized dashboard of the Workshop app, you can arrange employees, work areas, worksheets, quality tests, and much more to optimize your manufacturing line.

Transform complexity into simplicity

Manufacturing erp

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