Organize the content of your
Event with ease

Organize activities that deeply connect with your audience

A comprehensive event management platform, equipped to handle events of any size or nature. Odoo Events encompasses every aspect of an event planner's role, from organizing and selling tickets to enhancing visibility and promotion.

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Handle both on-site and online events efficiently

Effortlessly organize, publish, promote, and sell—all within one user-friendly application. From intuitive dashboards to comprehensive event forms, seamless sponsor and booth management, engaging talks, virtual event capabilities, automated websites, and beyond, our platform offers everything you need and more!

Automate the registration
and payment processes and sell tickets online

Efficiently handle event registration and online ticket sales. Decide whether to host a free event or offer tickets for purchase directly through the event page. Select your preferred payment method, whether it’s online credit card processing or customer invoicing.

Transform complexity into simplicity

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