for your Sales teams


A quick look at your pipeline.

Every opportunity has a card with every necessary information,
and each step provides a summary of your projected profit.

Effective framework

Stages are used in the Kanban view to arrange opportunities.
To remove them from a stage, drag and drop them onto the pipeline.

The key is communication

All communication with your team and clients is done from a
single location, and incoming emails are automatically added
to your pipeline, providing constant access to information.

Generate professional quotes

Quickly create quotes that appear professional with an
intuitive design. Choose your items from the catalogue,
and leave the rest to the app.

Streamline your Sales process with a user-friendly CRM

Never forget a follow-up again!

Calls, meetings, mailings, and quotations can be scheduled, and will automatically organise the following action depending on your sales strategy.

Transform complexity into simplicity